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Valley Uprising

Valley Uprising
98 min
Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer (USA)
Sports in Mountains & Nature
When & Where
The greatest untold story of American counterculture is that of the Yosemite Valley rock climbers. For 50 years, Yosemite’s cliffs have drawn explorers and madmen to leave materialism behind and venture onto the high, lonesome granite. The characters of Yosemite carved out an extreme bohemian lifestyle, living as beatnik vagabonds, clashing with National Park authorities and pioneering the boldest climbs on Earth. The torch has been passed across generations of climbers; through rivalries, tragedies and triumphs, the art of climbing has exceeded imagination. This is the riveting tale of this bold tradition: half a century’s struggle against the laws of gravity - and the laws of the land.

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2015

Sport is often associated with discipline, a sense of common purpose and a game plan, but when the rules have yet to be written, a state of freedom to do what you think right exists. This was especially the case in the early days of rock climbing. The legendary big walls of Yosemite have been the play ground for four generations of climbers. Each has its own culture, with a love of the next big challenge as the common bond. This film tells the history of climbing in Yosemite from the 1950’s to the present day, with humour and authority, never missing a chance to ask “what do rules really mean”.