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Nanga Parbat - Schicksalsberg

Nanga Parbat - Schicksalsberg
50 min
Andreas Nickel (Deutschland)
Alpinism & Expeditions
When & Where
The „mountain of destiny“ of German alpinists, the Nanga Parbat, was climbed for the first time in 1953 by the Tyrolean Hermann Buhl. Before that, numerous German expeditions had failed. Reinhold Messner presents this eight thousand meter peak from his perspective, illustrating the unique characteristics of this mountain in the western Himalayas, which became also his personal “mountain of destiny”. When Messner climbed the summit in 1970, his brother Günther was killed there. In 1978, Messner succeeded in the first solo ascent on an eight thousand meter peak without using oxygen bottles. In June 2013, the cruellest act on the mountain of destiny happened, when the Taliban killed eleven mountaineers in base camp. Reinhold Messner and the film team are the first persons who are allowed to shoot pictures on this spot.