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Ice Trap

Ice Trap
110 min
Thierry Robert (Frankreich)
When & Where
This voyage to the center of the ice is the breathtaking tale of a polar scuba diving expedition in Greenland. August 2012. It’s the end of the Arctic summer. Two adventurers are drifting in their sea kayaks among gigantic blocks of ice carried south by the East Greenland Current. They intend to travel between the only two communities on one of the world’s wildest coastlines. Ittoqqortoormiit is the starting point of an intense 1000-kilometer-long human adventure! Two incredible months travelling the vertiginous canyons of the fjords and exploring the spectacular underwater world of the icebergs, home to great polar marine mammals and fabulous largely unknown creatures. As the days go by, the expedition becomes increasingly treacherous, the weather conditions deteriorate and the Piterak threatens to strike. This icy katabatic wind can reach speeds of 200 kilometers per hour. It’s a race against time! The adventurers must reach Ammassalik before the ICE TRAP closes in on them.