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Der Wassermann - 50 Jahre Tauchen in Flüssen und Seen

Der Wassermann - 50 Jahre Tauchen in Flüssen und Seen
44 min
Jan Haft (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
When & Where
Walter Sigl is one of the very first people who has dived with his film camera into flowing and standing inland waters in order to shoot the first moving pictures of pikes and perches, pike-perches and sheat-fish in their natural environment. From the perspective of the film maker, these waters have been like white stains on a map. This documentary presents the man behind the underwater-camera and reports how everything has begun, namely, in the forest lakes in the German Chiemgau, in black and white. The “making-of” sequences reveal the complex work which is connected with underwater filming on 16mm. In addition to his dives in the local waters, Sigl films also in the most beautiful lakes and rivers of South and North America and Africa, where piranhas, crocodiles, sea cows and swarms of cichlids glide before his eyes.