Alpine and foreign cultures

Contributions which deal with ethnological topics and cultures worthy of protection in Alpine and foreign regions

“Last Days of the Arctic”

Magnus Vidar Sigurdsson (Island), 90 min, Language: E - Alpine and foreign cultures

Ragnar Axelsson, called Rax, is the most celebrated photographer in Iceland. His photographs are a living document of the dying cultures of the far northern, Icelandic farmers, fishermen and the hunters of Greenland. Rax spent his childhood on an... more

“Nomadic Nights”

Marianne Chaud (Frankreich), 90 min, Language: E - Alpine and foreign cultures

Witness the story of a group of nomads living on the high plateaus of Ladakh, and in particular of the last months they spent together. At an altitude close to 4,500 metres, this is one of the highest inhabited areas on the planet. Each year sees... more

“Himalaya – Im Reich des Windpferdes: Ladakh”

Hajo Bergmann (Deutschland), 43 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

The Swiss Manuel Bauer is an expert of the Tibetan culture and he became famous as the personal photographer of the Dalai Lama. When in summer 2010 he landed in Leh, the capital of Ladakh, he found the whole region drowned by a recent huge flood... more

“Himalayan Gold Rush”

Eric Valli (Frankreich), 52 min, Language: E - Alpine and foreign cultures

Every spring, tens of thousands of men, women and children leave their homes for a dangerous trek to the high Himalaya to collect "Yarsagumbu", an amazing creature worth up to 60,000 USD a kilo, way more expensive than gold: neither plant nor... more

“Seen auf dem Dach der Welt – Der Markakol in Kasachstan”

Stephan Kühnrich (Deutschland), 45 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

Far in the east of Kazakhstan, in the remote Altai mountains, a unique lake, the Markakol is located. The water of the approximately 100 rivers and brooks flow into the lake. The lake then flows even as far as into the north Polar Sea. Therefore,... more

“Carnets d'Alpages”

Anne & Erik Lapied (Frankreich), 68 min, Language: F/D - Alpine and foreign cultures

For us, Beaufort means nothing but a type of French cheese. This film shows in an empathetic way, with expressive pictures and a portion of good humour that this cheese is the product of a very particular way of living and culture. Since their... more

“Pygmies – The Children of the Jungle”

Pavol Barabás (Slowakei), 52 min, Language: Slovak/E - Alpine and foreign cultures

The adventurer, Ivan Bulík, travelled all through Africa. However, one of his dreams still eluded him: He desired to capture the life and customs of the smallest people on Earth, to find the undisturbed civilization of Pygmies. His search begins... more

“Im Angesicht der Riesenbienen”

Jérôme Segur (Frankreich), 52 min, Language: E/D - Alpine and foreign cultures

Suspended from fragile ladders of woven bamboo, men risk their lives in search of the golden liquid valued since the dawn of human life: honey. But to reach the treasure, they must confront the giant bees. The wild bee of Nepal is the largest bee... more

“Die Alpen von oben: Von den Karawanken nach Graz”

Klaus Steindl , 52 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

The Alps are not only the most important mountains in Europe, but also the best developed. Throughout thousands of years, this unique landscape has been created, where men and nature have formed each other. We approach this fascinating world from... more

“Die Prinzessinnen von Rajasthan – Die ungewöhnlichen Frauen der Wüste”

Peter Weinert (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

The temperature in the Indian desert in Rajasthan can rise up to 50 degree Celsius. The women in the Thar Desert are thought to be among the most beautiful, proudest and most impressive women in India. The film follows their hard everyday life in... more

“Seen auf dem Dach der Welt – Der Qinghai Hu in China”

Stephan Kühnrich (Deutschland), 45 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

In the north east of the Tibetan highland, at an altitude of approximately 3200 metre, one can find one of the holiest places of Buddhism, the „Blue Lake“ as it is called by the Tibetan, the Mongols and the Chinese in their languages. It is one of... more


Jan Linnartz (Deutschland), 15 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

Karl (24) and his sister Marie (19) live together with their father (60), isolated on a high alpine pasture. Their father has retired from the hard physical work and most of the tasks related to the pasture have been transferred to his son. Marie... more

“Guarda - Jetzt sind wir hier zuhause”

Susanna Fanzun (Schweiz), 25 min, Language: Räto/D - Alpine and foreign cultures

Empty houses, old people and a decreasing number of children; in the 1990s Guarda, a mountain village in the Lower Engadin was faced with this situation. To prevent the school from being closed, they demand people throughout Switzerland to move to... more

“Kulturerbe Afrika”

Goggo Gensch (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

Africa is a continent with more than 50 states, populated by more than one billion of humans with countless, and partly very old cultures. The old salt caravan routes of the Tuareg are leading through the desert. Since For hundreds of years,... more

“Die Bauern von Garmisch”

Ludwig Ott (Deutschland), 45 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

„The faces of resistance“, this was the subtitle under the photographs of several farmers from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in a Munich newspaper. They had rejected the candidature for the Olympic Winter Games 2018 because they were concerned that this... more

“China, im Reich der Mosuo Frauen”

Joanna Michna, Maria Hoffacker (Deutschland), 52 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

China, Himalayas. For more than 2000 years, the Mosuo people have been living in the mountains above the Lake Lugu, one of the biggest mountain lakes on the border to Tibet. The Mosuo are a community of approximately 35.000 people who have one... more

“Yaku Patsa - Welt des Wassers”

Carlo Brescia (Peru), 34 min, Language: Quechua+Span/E - Alpine and foreign cultures

Drifting upstream from 2000 meters above sea level to 5000 meters, “World of Water” encounters people and their culture, stories, histories and beliefs against the impossibly lush and breathtaking landscapes of southern Conchucos, Peru. Antonio, a... more

“Berriro igo nauzu / Heute bin ich wieder hinaufgestiegen”

Carlos Rodríguez (Spanien), 9 min, Language: Baskisch/G - Alpine and foreign cultures

“Today I’ve climbed back up.” A man returns to the farmhouse of his ancestors. The film is a visual poem that tells the evolution of the Basque farmhouse (and the Basque country) during the last 150 years. It is based on the original poem by... more