Nature and Environment

Films that deal with preservation and presentation of the environment, nature and wildlife.

“Wir sind Planeten”

Martin Mészáros, Alfred Vendl , 52 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

The human body under a totally new perspective – as a planet with more than 100 trillion inhabitants. 90 Percent of the cells in our body are not of human origin. Every one of us is a walking web of life, an incredibly diverse network of... more

“Madagascar – The lost Makay”

Pierre Stine (Frankreich), 90 min, Language: E - Nature and Environment

This film tells the naturalist expedition led by French explorer Evrard Wendenbaum in a unexplored part of Madagascar, with a group of 30 scientists and researchers from all over the world. More than 80 new species have been discovered after a... more

“Held aus dem Dschungelbuch - der Lippenbär”

Oliver Goetzl (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

We all know him, we all love him: Baloo – Mowgli’s constant companion from the Jungle Book. The role models for Baloo are the Sloth Bears of India - surprisingly little is known about this secretive species. These in our days mostly nocturnal... more

“Tiere vor der Kamera: Highway durch die Rocky Mountains - Herbst”

Ernst Arendt, Hans Schweiger (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Ernst Arendt and Hans Schweiger take the audience to an unusual journey across the Rocky Mountains. They show places, where one has to wait because of deer, where mountain sheep manage to thwart heavy highway trucks, but also where endearing... more

“Vertige d'une Rencontre / Flirting with Heights”

Jean-Michel Bertrand (Frankreich), 75 min, Language: F/E - Nature and Environment

“To become invisible, to stop existing…” Hidden under a rock or still in his shed, Jean-Michel Bertrand tries to disappear. He invites us behind the scenes of a solitary shoot, up in the mountains. Only patience and discretion will allow magic to... more

“Der Wassermann - 50 Jahre Tauchen in Flüssen und Seen”

Jan Haft (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Walter Sigl is one of the very first people who has dived with his film camera into flowing and standing inland waters in order to shoot the first moving pictures of pikes and perches, pike-perches and sheat-fish in their natural environment. From... more

“Wildes Deutschland - Der Bayerische Wald”

Jürgen Eichinger (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

When in the 1980ies, in the national park Bayrischer Wald, the bark beetle proliferated extraordinarily and the administration of the national park intentionally omitted any containment, this caused considerable consequences. Thousands of dead... more

“Überleben im Reich der Eisbären”

Kai Schubert (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Spitzbergen, end of August. In the Polar late summer, the yacht Arctica starts to explore the north of the archipelago, the realm of the Polar bear. This living space near the pack ice border in the northern Polar Sea, which is endangered by the... more

“Festspiele der Natur”

Thomas Miklautsch , 20 min, Language: n.v. - Nature and Environment

This audiovisual journey takes us through the rich diversity of the national park Hohe Tauern which was first shown at the Salzburg Summer Festival in 2011. Without the distraction of the narrator’s voice, the dynamic cuts create powerful moments... more

“Krieg der Ameisen”

Stefan Geier (Deutschland), 52 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Follow the story of a tiny, just 2mm-in-size invader on it's rise to power - the argentine ant in southern Europe. Undiscovered from most eyes this species has formed the largest supercolony on the planet. Scientists believe that by cooperation,... more

“Fünf Grad plus - Wie das Klima unsere Welt verändert”

Waltraud Paschinger , 50 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Still within this century, the temperature in the Alps will be 5 degrees Celsius higher than today. Where one can find glaciers today, there will be alpine pastures, instead of our woods there will be dry bush lands. Five degrees more means a... more

“Wrangel Island - Im Treibhaus der Arktis”

Martin Thoma (Deutschland), 15 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Hidden behind blizzards blowing throughout the year and a polar night lasting several months, Wrangel Island is located only a few sea miles away from the Arctic pack ice border. With winter temperatures falling to less than – 40°C, more than 1000... more

“Big Five Südamerika - Der Ameisenbär”

Andrea Rüthlein (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

For several years, the German biologist Lydia Möcklinghoff has been tracing the giant anteater in Brazil. This unusual and charismatic animal is one of the last “aboriginal animals” of South America. Only very few specialists of the neotropic... more

“Inn - Der grüne Fluss aus den Alpen”

Franz Hafner , 50 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

The Inn River has many faces: gravel banks, sandy islets, wetlands and riparian forests. The source of the Inn lies in the Engadin valley where the camera follows the local populations. In Tyrol and Bavaria, where the river finally empties into... more

“Namibia – Das Geheimnis der Feenkreise”

Barbara Fally-Puskás , 50 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

For a long time, scientists try to explore the phenomenon of the fairy circles. These enigmatic barren circles can be found in southern Africa, in particular in the deserts of Namibia. Seen from the air, they seem to be thousands of red points on... more


Oliver Goetzl (Deutschland), 49 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Sweden, the country of the elk. The high level of the Sarek National Park is covered with a thick blanket of snow for over six months. Specialists like the great grey owl are perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions. The big owl can hear the root... more

“Broken Tail”

John Murray, Colin Stafford-Johnson (Irland), 58 min, Language: E - Nature and Environment

Colin Stafford-Johnson is obsessed by filming tigers. “Broken Tail” was the most flamboyant tiger cub he'd ever seen. Impossibly cute, he gambolled and posed for Colin's camera through the first years of his life. But then without warning, Broken... more

“Fledermäuse – warte, bis es dunkel wird”

Volker Arzt (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Bats don’t necessarily count among the cuddly toys which everybody would like to cuddle. Some people see them as disgusting and scary or even fear the nocturnal bats which dart like a shot through the darkness. Seeing their speed one has no idea... more

“Big Five Südamerika - Die Anakonda”

Marion Pöllmann (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

The green anaconda – a men eating monster, mother of rivers, a primeval ogre. Fear, preconceptions and the chase of trophies have always threatened this animal. Meanwhile examples with five or more metres in length are a rare attraction. Together... more

“Im Regenwald der Geisterbären”

Angelika Sigl (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

A forest that lives on fish, a white bear which is not an ice bear, wolves which nourish on the sea… It is a strange, completely forgotten world on the north-west coast of Canada, shortly before Alaska. This island world with its magnificent... more

“The Phantom Cat”

Christian Baumeister (Deutschland), 48 min, Language: E - Nature and Environment

Built to kill, the jaguar is the third largest feline in the world. It is one of South America’s most beautiful and iconic animals, but it is rarely seen, let alone filmed. This program is the very first in-depth portrayal of wild jaguars - an... more

“Afrikas Mondberge”

Marcel Kolvenbach (Deutschland), 43 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

The snow-covered „luna mountains“, the Ruwenzori, are located in the hard fought border area between Uganda and Congo. Recently this area has been declared a national park and a world heritage, and even the hunting people Bakonzo have had to lay... more

“Gletscherhöhlen- Fenster ins ewige Eis”

Florian Richter (Deutschland), 52 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Glacial caves are almost unexplored, fading worlds which give a unique insight into the interior of glaciers. The caves which have been formed by the glacial ice are fragile and of a bizarre beauty. Most of them exist for only a few years. In... more

“River at the Centre of the Earth”

Tullio Bernabei (Italien), 52 min, Language: I/E - Nature and Environment

A mysterious underground river vanishes in Slovenia and reappears in Italy after 50 km. For two centuries man has tried to explore it. The film tells the story of the simultaneous attempt by two competing groups of speleologists from Trieste to... more

“Bottled Life”

Urs Schnell (Schweiz), 90 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Do you know how to turn ordinary water into a billion-dollar business? In Switzerland there is a company which has developed the art to perfection - Nestlé. This company dominates the global business in bottled water. Swiss journalist Res... more

“Das Grüne Wunder - Unser Wald”

Jan Haft (Deutschland), 90 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

This film which was especially produced for big screens showing in noble, elegiac pictures the most known, most beautiful and richest local living space, the forest. Intimate observations of behaviours of well known species change with stories... more

“Bag It”

Suzan Beraza (USA), 78 min, Language: E - Nature and Environment

Try going a day without plastic. Plastic is everywhere and infiltrates our lives in unimaginable and frightening ways. In this touching and often flat-out-funny film, we follow “everyman” Jeb Berrier, who is admittedly not a tree hugger, as he... more

“Laikipia, the Land of Life”

Giuseppe Bucciarelli (Italien), 37 min, Language: E - Nature and Environment

There is a place in Africa where a mountain meets the sky... A place where rivers, forests and savannas play a never-ending game with people. This place is Laikipia, central Kenya. Here dangerous wildlife share the land with thousands of farmers... more

“Im Herzen des Balkans - Auf der Suche nach dem Luchs”

Cornelia Volk (Deutschland), 43 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

The aria of circulation of the Balkan lynx corresponds to the “Green ribbon” territory along the Iron Curtain between Albania and Macedonia. According to scientific estimation, there are only less than 100 animals left, with a declining tendency... more

“Der Böhmerwald”

Iduna Wünschmann (Deutschland), 43 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

At the beginning of the 20th century, the lynx has been extinct almost everywhere in Central Europe. Meanwhile, it has returned to the Bohemian Forest; and further more the Ural owl was successfully resettled there. Hidden in the forest, the black... more

“Wildererjagd am Mount Kenya”

Holger Riedel (Deutschland), 52 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

In the light of their head lamps, the ranger Simon Gitau and his two colleagues stalk through the brush of the mountain jungle of the Mount Kenya. They intend to catch poachers in the act. The previous day, they had found some traps with loops,... more

“Wilder Iran - In den grünen Norden”

Herbert Ostwald (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Often Iran is in the focus of news due to its controversial politics, however, it is rarely made mention of its natural and cultural treasures. At the same time this Islamic Republic can offer a spectacular landscape. The German-Iranian Benny... more

“A Steelhead Family”

Andrew Hardingham (Kanada), 19 min, Language: E - Nature and Environment

What if fishing was so important that you would change your life to pursue it? You would focus your entire life around it and raise your family to appreciate every aspects of the sport for themselves. „A Steelhead Family“ walks you through a few... more