Alpine Documentation

Documentaries about expeditions and ascents, films with historical references to alpinism.

“Up & Down”


Andreas Nickel (Deutschland), 108 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

nominiert für einen Preis (2012)

Reinhold Messner. Like no-one else, represents the alpine personification of pushing the limits. This documentary wants to find out more about this legendary mountaineer by interviewing him, his companions and his brothers and sisters, and draws a... more

“Aufbruch ins Karakorum”

Massimiliano Sbrolla, Paolo Aralla (Deutschland), 52 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

In 1909, an Italian expedition sets off to explore the glaciers of the Karakorum. The photographer Vittorio Sella is a participant, and he takes pictures of the spectacular mountainous world around the K2, and he shoots a 40 minute long black and... more


Achim und Stefan Siehl (Deutschland), 101 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

Three men who hardly could be more differing: Andi, a long time student with his biggest lack of motivation ever; Uli, a restless professor emeritus and Alex, a career man, whose profession takes priority. Together, they intend to climb the... more

“Höhenrausch - Der Extrembergsteiger Erhard Loretan”

Benoit Aymon (Schweiz), 52 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

nominiert für einen Preis (2012)

The Swiss mountain guide Erhard Loretan was the second man who has climbed all 14 eight thousand meter peaks without using oxygen. He has climbed Mount Everest in less than 40 hours, on a direct line across the north face, without tent, but with a... more

“Petit Dru Nordwand – Der zerfallene Berg”

Gerald Salmina, Tom Dauer, Jochen Hemmleb , 52 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

nominiert für einen Preis (2012)

The north face of the Petit Dru which, in 1997, was deformed and destroyed by a rock slide, serves as a metaphor for the life of two extraordinary mountaineers, whose life had been deformed and changed by dramatic accidents. The British Andy... more

“Eiger Nordwand – Wand der Wände”

Gerald Salmina, Tom Dauer, Jochen Hemmleb , 52 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

Robert Jasper and Roger Schäli dare the free ascent of the „John Harlin-Direttissima”, the most direct route through the Eiger north face, with extreme difficult passages on rock and ice (Mixed M8- /rock 7a). When opening this route in 1966, John... more

“Nanga Parbat und jenseits davon” (Multimediavortrag) (beyond competition)

Steve House (USA), Language: E/Kopfh. D - Alpine Documentation

Steve House climbs in the highest rock wall on earth, in the 4500 metre high Rupal Face on the Nanga Parbat in Pakistan. In 2005, he succeeded in climbing this challenging face in alpine style, together with his climbing partner, in only six days... more


Alastair Lee (Gro), 45 min, Language: E/D - Alpine Documentation

British alpinists Jon Bracey and Matt Helliker follow the vision of their deceased friend Jules Cartwright and try a first ascent on one of the world's biggest alpine faces in Alaska: Mount Hunter's incredible north buttress “The Moonflower”... more

“Die Bonatti-Route”

Bruno Peyronnet (Frankreich), 54 min, Language: F/D - Alpine Documentation

Walter Bonatti - mountaineer, writer and journalist - marked the mountaineering history by signing some of the most daring ascents of 50's and 60's. In 2010, Yann Borgnet and Christophe Dumarest are at the top of Mont Blanc. They just realized a... more

“Northern Passage”

Frank Bjarkoe, Tore Rosshaug (Norwegen), 54 min, Language: E - Alpine Documentation

In a fragile little sailing craft, they are setting out. For two years they have made plans. Explorer Borge Ousland and skipper Torleif Thorleifson are in a hurry to sail around the North Pole, through the Northeast Passage and the Northwest... more


Jerzy Porebski (Polen), 45 min, Language: Pol/E - Alpine Documentation

nominiert für einen Preis (2012)

Jerzy Kukuczka was one of the most outstanding Himalayan climbers in history, the second climber to ascend all 14 eight-thousand metre peaks. Meanwhile a legend, he lost his life in the Himalayas 22 years ago. Why was he exceptional? What was his... more

“Die Suche der Sherpas”

Heinz Leger , 52 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

The Sherpa are the true heroes of high-altitude climbing. They have been an invaluable help for the pioneers, who started to explore the Himalayas in the 1920ies. Without their knowledge as mountain guides and without their endurance and stamina... more

“Auf steilen Wegen - 100 Jahre alpine Gesellschaft Gipfelstürmer”

Engelbert Obex, Walter Spitzenstätter , 52 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

The Alpine society „Gipfelstürmer“ (Summit Chaser) is an association of passionate mountaineers in Innsbruck which has been existing now for 100 years. The ideas of the protagonists are revealed at different locations of demanding climbing tours,... more

“Next Time Inshallah”

Álex G. de Bikuña (Spanien), 20 min, Language: E - Alpine Documentation

This documentary relates the human experience of the Basque Alex Txikon, the Austrian Gerfried Göschl and the Canadian Louis Rousseau, in the attempt of reaching the summit of Gasherbrum I, also called Hidden Peak, during the winter of 2011. For... more

“Erfolg und Tragödie - ein Höhenbergsteiger und Kameramann erzählt” (Multimediavortrag) (beyond competition)

Dariusz Zaluski (Polen), 60 min, Language: Pol/D - Alpine Documentation

The high altitude mountaineer and film maker Dariusz Zaluski is a representative and modern example of the strong relationship between Polish and Austrian alpinists. In 2011, he was a member of the K2 expedition of Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner. After... more

“Strong - A Recovery Story”

András Kollmann (Ungarn), 86 min, Language: Hu/E - Alpine Documentation

Zsolt Eross, the most successful Hungarian mountain climber lost his right leg in an avalanche accident. The movie illustrates a moving, human story of an injured person rising back to his feet. Few months after the accident he returns to the... more

“Geschichten aus der Hohen Tatra”

Pavol Barabás (Slowakei), 52 min, Language: Slovak/E - Alpine Documentation

The High Tatras, Slovakia's symbol - offer shelter and asylum to all those who seek calm and refuge for their souls... Their inimitable ambience and majesty absorb man in his entirety. Anyone who enters their realm should come with humbleness and... more


Franz Walter (Deutschland), 22 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

Kirgistan in the late summer. Together with her 11-year old son Manu, Ines Papert travels across this country. They are on their way to the remote mountain region Kookshal Tool. There, Ines Papert and her climbing partners will undertake a second... more

“Einsatz in der Südwand – Die neue Dimension der Bergrettung”

Thomas Hillebrandt (Deutschland), 30 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

All around the world, the mountain rescue professionals are searching for new techniques and methods in order to increase the safety in the mountains and to enable rescue operations in every situation. The worldwide first “navigation system for... more

“Mit 81 Jahren auf den Piz Linard”

Bertilla Gossi (Schweiz), 24 min, Language: Räto/D - Alpine Documentation

As a 15 year old girl, Irma Egler from Lavin stood the first time on the highest mountain of the Lower Engadin, the Piz Linard, 3410 meters above sea level. Since then she climbed this remarkable mountain 52 times. She conquered it from all sides... more