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“Die Prinzessinnen von Rajasthan – Die ungewöhnlichen Frauen der Wüste”

Peter Weinert (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

The temperature in the Indian desert in Rajasthan can rise up to 50 degree Celsius. The women in the Thar Desert are thought to be among the most beautiful, proudest and most impressive women in India. The film follows their hard everyday life in... more


“Namibia – Das Geheimnis der Feenkreise”

Barbara Fally-Puskás , 50 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

For a long time, scientists try to explore the phenomenon of the fairy circles. These enigmatic barren circles can be found in southern Africa, in particular in the deserts of Namibia. Seen from the air, they seem to be thousands of red points on... more


Oliver Goetzl (Deutschland), 49 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Sweden, the country of the elk. The high level of the Sarek National Park is covered with a thick blanket of snow for over six months. Specialists like the great grey owl are perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions. The big owl can hear the root... more