Details Friday, 16. Nov. 2012

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“Fly & Climb”

Oliver Vötter , 11 min, Language: D - Adventure

Daniel Peis has managed to connect his two favourite sport disciplines, climbing and paragliding. When flying with his paraglider across the Karwendel mountains, he discovers a huge north face in Eppzirl. From the air he examines the wall to find... more


Sebastian Matthias (Deutschland), 21 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

The “Adolfsturm” is a tower inside the fortress of the German town Friedberg. It was built in 1357 and has a total height of 54 meters. The climber Jens Eisenkrämer was given the chance to climb that tower at a fund raising event. For half a year... more

“Sketchy Andy”

Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer (USA), 21 min, Language: E - Adventure

American climbing dirtbag Andy Lewis is taking the discipline of slacklining into the future as he solos the worlds longest high-lines and masters the hardest aerial tricks, all the while pushing his equipment to the limit. As Andy goes higher,... more


“Obe und Ashima”

Josh Lowell (USA), 22 min, Language: E/Kopfh. D - Climbing on rock and ice

There's a nine year old girl from New York City taking the bouldering world by storm, and her name is Ashima Shiraishi. Under the tutelage of her passionate coach, Obe Carrion, this tiny master is crushing competitions and raising the bar for... more


Eduardo Gellner , 42 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

No matter whether sport climbing, competition or alpine climbing – all these types of climbing are extremely demanding for body and mind of the athletes. Whereas Johanna Ernst is struggling to win the World Championship of Climbing in Arco, Martin... more