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“Verticalmente Démodé”

Davide Carrari (Italien), 19 min, Language: I/D - Climbing on rock and ice

nominiert für einen Preis (2012)

“It’s not the most difficult route in the World, it’s simply the most difficult “Sports” route that I have climbed. It has a long story which began when for the first time I asked myself what the places where the sun set every evening might be... more

“Eiger Nordwand – Wand der Wände”

Gerald Salmina, Tom Dauer, Jochen Hemmleb , 52 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

Robert Jasper and Roger Schäli dare the free ascent of the „John Harlin-Direttissima”, the most direct route through the Eiger north face, with extreme difficult passages on rock and ice (Mixed M8- /rock 7a). When opening this route in 1966, John... more



Tyler Stableford (USA), 6 min, Language: E/Kopfh. D - Climbing on rock and ice

When you've given everything, what do you have left? After achieving his dream summit, an elite climber finds himself empty. Broken and untethered, he searches for a fulfillment more lasting than a faraway peak. more

“Nanga Parbat und jenseits davon” (Multimediavortrag) (beyond competition)

Steve House (USA), Language: E/Kopfh. D - Alpine Documentation

Steve House climbs in the highest rock wall on earth, in the 4500 metre high Rupal Face on the Nanga Parbat in Pakistan. In 2005, he succeeded in climbing this challenging face in alpine style, together with his climbing partner, in only six days... more