Details Thursday, 15. Nov. 2012

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“Seen auf dem Dach der Welt – Der Markakol in Kasachstan”

Stephan Kühnrich (Deutschland), 45 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

Far in the east of Kazakhstan, in the remote Altai mountains, a unique lake, the Markakol is located. The water of the approximately 100 rivers and brooks flow into the lake. The lake then flows even as far as into the north Polar Sea. Therefore,... more

“Der Wassermann - 50 Jahre Tauchen in Flüssen und Seen”

Jan Haft (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Walter Sigl is one of the very first people who has dived with his film camera into flowing and standing inland waters in order to shoot the first moving pictures of pikes and perches, pike-perches and sheat-fish in their natural environment. From... more


“Wildes Deutschland - Der Bayerische Wald”

Jürgen Eichinger (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

When in the 1980ies, in the national park Bayrischer Wald, the bark beetle proliferated extraordinarily and the administration of the national park intentionally omitted any containment, this caused considerable consequences. Thousands of dead... more