„Wildererjagd am Mount Kenya“

Wildererjagd am Mount Kenya
52 min
Holger Riedel (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
When & Where
Saturday, 17. Nov. 2012 from 08:45 / Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       Ticket Order >>
In the light of their head lamps, the ranger Simon Gitau and his two colleagues stalk through the brush of the mountain jungle of the Mount Kenya. They intend to catch poachers in the act. The previous day, they had found some traps with loops, meant to catch Sykes’ monkeys. In the twilight, the rangers are looking for a hide-out from where they want to take the poachers by surprise. Since 1997, the wildlife park has been a World Heritage Site. The huge mountain forests are the only real refugium for the wildlife animals in Kenya, because only very few humans are prepared to face the strains of a mountain tour which lasts several days.