„Einsatz in der Südwand – Die neue Dimension der Bergrettung“

Einsatz in der Südwand – Die neue Dimension der Bergrettung
30 min
Thomas Hillebrandt (Deutschland)
Alpine Documentation
When & Where
Friday, 16. Nov. 2012 from 13:00 / Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       Ticket Order >>
All around the world, the mountain rescue professionals are searching for new techniques and methods in order to increase the safety in the mountains and to enable rescue operations in every situation. The worldwide first “navigation system for mountain rescuers” is tested in the south face of the Dachstein. This film accompanies scientists from the Technical University Dresden, ground survey experts from Austria and mountain rescuers from the local village Ramsau in their attempt to carry out a rescue operation which until now has not been dared. In dense fog, the rescuers climb on purpose into the huge face. Without vision they are led exclusively by a satellite navigator and a digital land map.