„Afrikas Mondberge“

Afrikas Mondberge
43 min
Marcel Kolvenbach (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
When & Where
Friday, 16. Nov. 2012 from 13:00 / Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       Ticket Order >>
The snow-covered „luna mountains“, the Ruwenzori, are located in the hard fought border area between Uganda and Congo. Recently this area has been declared a national park and a world heritage, and even the hunting people Bakonzo have had to lay down their arms. For centuries, hunting has been their tradition, their source of food and income, and a initiation ritual for the young Bakonzo men. Matuvo, a “master hunter” of the Bakonzo, tries to earn his living as a tourist guide. This film accompanies him when he climbs with his first client on the 5190 metre high Margharita Peak. This ascent leads through swamplands, mud, tropic rain and thin air to a bizarre, primeval looking landscape with huge, unique plants.