49 min
Oliver Goetzl (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
When & Where
Saturday, 17. Nov. 2012 from 14:30 / Steiermarksaal       Ticket Order >>
Sweden, the country of the elk. The high level of the Sarek National Park is covered with a thick blanket of snow for over six months. Specialists like the great grey owl are perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions. The big owl can hear the root vole very clearly under the snow surface and catch it for a good meal. The black grouse likes to fight in the time of the courtship display. We can only see it with extreme slow motion: the males attack each other again and again on the red torus above their eyes. When ice and snow loose ground it is time for the elks to give birth to their calves. The sun over Sweden does not set during midsummer. A luxury that will not last for a long time. The rutting calls of the elks tell us that it is almost fall. Bulls are rivalling for attention of the females and show their big deer heads. However, finally the cows select their partners.