„Die Alpen von oben: Von den Karawanken nach Graz“

Die Alpen von oben: Von den Karawanken nach Graz

Die Alpen von oben: Von den Karawanken nach Graz
52 min
Klaus Steindl
Alpine and foreign cultures
When & Where
Saturday, 17. Nov. 2012 from 09:30 / Steiermarksaal       Ticket Order >>
The Alps are not only the most important mountains in Europe, but also the best developed. Throughout thousands of years, this unique landscape has been created, where men and nature have formed each other. We approach this fascinating world from an unusual perspective: from high above. The Slovenian pilot and photographer Matevz Lenarcic has been flying above the Alpine mountain chain in his light motor glider innumerable times. He has shot 100.000 pictures in this airy altitude. In Ferlach, however, Pamela Mozeti? learns about the profession of a gunsmith, which has been a local tradition here since the 16th century. In the fish ponds of Heinrich Holler at Gut Hornegg in Preding, a 40 year-old catfish is allowed to live there for its whole life-time. Johannes Zechner and his family are living at the foot of a mighty rock on which the fortress Riegersburg is enthroned. He is the assistant of a falconer and takes care of the great predator birds.