„Wrangel Island - Im Treibhaus der Arktis“

Wrangel Island - Im Treibhaus der Arktis

Wrangel Island - Im Treibhaus der Arktis
15 min
Martin Thoma (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
When & Where
Saturday, 17. Nov. 2012 from 09:30 / Steiermarksaal       Ticket Order >>
Hidden behind blizzards blowing throughout the year and a polar night lasting several months, Wrangel Island is located only a few sea miles away from the Arctic pack ice border. With winter temperatures falling to less than – 40°C, more than 1000 polar bears, musk ox and reindeers live next to colonies of walruses, seal families, polar foxes and wolves. Numerous findings of fossils proved, that the mammoth managed to survive 6000 years longer on this island than in the rest of Eurasia. Today, this isle is considered as the very last completely untouched biotope for polar bears. They do not have any natural enemies, however, within the last 10 years only, in the summer months, the border of pack ice has drifted 100 km to the north. This means a serious endangerment for the bears!