„Fünf Grad plus - Wie das Klima unsere Welt verändert“

Fünf Grad plus - Wie das Klima unsere Welt verändert

Fünf Grad plus - Wie das Klima unsere Welt verändert
50 min
Waltraud Paschinger
Nature and Environment
When & Where
Saturday, 17. Nov. 2012 from 09:00 / Stefaniensaal       Ticket Order >>
Still within this century, the temperature in the Alps will be 5 degrees Celsius higher than today. Where one can find glaciers today, there will be alpine pastures, instead of our woods there will be dry bush lands. Five degrees more means a total change of all landscapes. The last comparable climate change had taken place 15,000 years ago, when the last Ice Age came to its end. However, then the elevation of the temperature developed within the time frame of 5,000 years, whereas now this happens within only 100 years. This rapid warming makes it difficult for plants and animals to adapt. The biologists expect that every fourth bird species of Central Europe will be extinct. At the same time, various species from the south will settle here, such as the praying mantis, the sand viper or jackals. This documentary takes us into the future.