„Nanga Parbat und jenseits davon“ (beyond competition)

Nanga Parbat und jenseits davon (Multimediavortrag)
Steve House (USA)
Alpine Documentation
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Friday, 16. Nov. 2012 from 19:30 / Stefaniensaal       Ticket Order >>
Steve House climbs in the highest rock wall on earth, in the 4500 metre high Rupal Face on the Nanga Parbat in Pakistan. In 2005, he succeeded in climbing this challenging face in alpine style, together with his climbing partner, in only six days. This was his biggest alpine success. Five years later, in Canada, Steve House would experience the hardest chapter of his life. When he tried to open a new route in the north face of the Mount Temple, a foot hold broke and Steve almost fell to his death. From his bedside he struggled to become, again, one of the best mountaineers, and now he openly talks about his strenuously gained experiences and his doubts. Is a man only the total of his performances? What is the true value of success? Why does one take a risk? Steve House underlines that failure is guaranteed as soon as one is convinced to be the best in the world. “The best have in common, that they consider the process, and not the success. With climbing, this means that the moment, when your thoughts shortly drift away, in that moment you will fall”.