108 min
Andreas Nickel (Deutschland)
Alpine Documentation
When & Where
Wednesday, 14. Nov. 2012 from 17:00 / Schubertkino-Saal 1       Ticket Order >>
Reinhold Messner. Like no-one else, represents the alpine personification of pushing the limits. This documentary wants to find out more about this legendary mountaineer by interviewing him, his companions and his brothers and sisters, and draws a personality profile of a man, who has marked modern alpinism like no-one else. Climbing scenes in the most difficult and impressive rock faces make the universal topic of developing in the face of difficulties understandable and sizable. A unique film material from archives completes the image of this border crosser, who defines himself as a “conqueror of the uselessness”. This film treats Reinhold Messner’s personality as well as his achievements.

Grand Prix Graz 2012

Minutes of the jury

This is an outstanding, well-structured film with a wide range of techniques, including imaginative reconstructions that are deftly handled. One of its remarkable features is the intelligent and honest participation of the family members. The balance of the film in dealing with the significance of the early routes in the Alps is admirable in not being overwhelmed by the fourteen 8000m peaks. Although we are aware that the resources available to this project may have been greater than others in the competition, and that various controversies and alternative views have been avoided by this film, we felt that these reservations are outweighed by its production values.