„Freundschaft auf Zeit“

Freundschaft auf Zeit

Freundschaft auf Zeit
53 min
August Pflugfelder (Deutschland)
When & Where
Wednesday, 14. Nov. 2012 from 17:00 / Dom im Berg       Ticket Order >>
What makes a friendship fall to pieces? Two extreme mountain climbers are closely bound by their common ambition to climb the highest peaks in the world in record time. Their joint ascent to the summit of Broad Peak in Pakistan requires mutual trust to be able to rely on each other and pushes them to their physical and mental limits. But was it actually a common goal or did their goal turn into a competition against each other? The peak stands between them and determines their destiny.

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2012

Minutes of the jury

How do young Himalayan climbers establish their identity within and outside a close friendship? This is the central question explored on these 8000m peaks. Although we feel that the film leaves areas of the relationship unclear, this actually represents the protagonists’ own confusion. In this sense the film is a work in progress that exposes their own uncertainties and undefined terms of success. We like the way this film provokes many persistent questions.