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Details Friday, 11. Nov. 2011

14:00 | Congress Graz - Blauer Salon
14:00 “Hannes Jaenicke im Einsatz für Gorillas”

Three of four gorilla species are in imminent danger of extinction. The only living space for gorillas, the rain forests of Central Africa, is being destroyed by greed. There is a brutal war going on for the raw materials gold, copper and coltan,... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Judith Adlhoch, Eva Gfirtner (Deutschland) 30 min
14:35 “Sikkim – das alte Wissen der Schamanen”

High up in the Himalayas, far away from modern civilisation, the people of the Lepcha live. They are the original inhabitants of Sikkim. They call themselves “the most amiable people in the world”. The Lepcha possess an important treasure which... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Werner Kiefer (Deutschland) 52 min
15:30 “Andreas Kieling - Mitten in Südafrika: Am Indischen Ozean”

The azure Indian Ocean of Durban is completely different from the raw sea cost of the Cape. Andreas Kieling starts an expedition to the warm waters in front of the coast, together with the Austrian shark scientist Dietmar Posch. However, one has... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Marcus Fischötter, Michael Kaschner (Deutschland) 43 min
16:15 “Hüttenwirte - Die wilde Kaiserin”

The alpine hut „Hans-Berger-Haus“ is located at the very end of the valley Kaisertal near Kufstein. It is a romantic area, on rainy days very lonely, at a distance of two and a half hours of foot walk away from the busy modern world and its... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Carina Bauer (Deutschland) 44 min
17:00 “Arlberg - das verborgene Paradies”

The Arlberg is a synonym for winter idyll and for being the cradle of alpine skiing. However, this famous ski resort which connects the Austrian Provinces Tyrol and Vorarlberg, has more to offer. For already 100 years, the Arlberg has been... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Heinz Leger 52 min
17:55 “The Undersides of Ganesh”

A trip to India can be an unsettling experience, even if the goal is climbing, but it is hard to miss the exuberant animation that prevails there. The amazing contrasts, scents, sounds and colors accompanied the Petzl team and local climbers in... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (F/E), Julien Nadiras, Vladimir Cellier (Frankreich) 15 min
18:15 “Soultrip Argentina”

At the beginning of Martin „McFly“ Winkler’s free ride career, approximately 10 years ago, there was a long, extended journey through the Argentinean Andes. After many winters in constant search fort he ultimate free ride lines according to the... more

  Adventure (D), Martin Winkler, Hanno Mackovitz 16 min
18:35 “Lamalera, The Ultimate Battle”

Lamalera - a remote village of 2,500 people on the southern coast of Indonesia. In this hostile land where nothing grows, people have managed to survive only thanks to a spectacular age-old hunt: the traditional and sacred harpooning of sperm... more

  Nature and Environment (F/E), Jean-Michel Corillion (Frankreich) 52 min
19:30 “Naturerbe Nordamerikas”

This journey to the less known natural treasures and to the oldest villages in North America leads from the Rocky Mountains via the Great Plains to the Rio Grande, then to the Yosemite national park and finally to the Grand Canyon. In front of the... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Goggo Gensch (Deutschland) 45 min
20:20 “La Rizière (Das Reisfeld)”

“The Rice Paddy” is set in a village in southern China. The story is told by a 12-year-old girl named A Qiu who lives at the crossroads of tradition and the modern world. This touching psychological movie is filmed with villagers, non-professional... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (Chi/E), Xiaoling Zhu (China) 82 min