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Details Wednesday, 09. Nov. 2011

15:00 | Schubertkino-Saal 3 Ticket Order
“Kajak Extrem”

Together with a group of bold adventurers, the luminary Olaf Obsommer and Thilo Schmitt undertake a kayak expedition to the Altai mountains. This proves to be an extraordinary challenge for the humans and for the material. They want to fulfil... more

  Adventure (D), Kajo Fritz (Deutschland) 9 min
“Verborgene Sch”

The Swiss national park in the canton Grisons is one of the largest wilderness areas in Switzerland, and with its foundation in the year 1914, it is the oldest national park in the Alps and in Central Europe. The founders had the intention to... more

  Nature and Environment (Räto/D), Susanna Fanzun (Schweiz) 26 min
“The Couloir to Nowhere”

Despite being less than 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles, California, Iron Mountain is one of Southern California's most remote summits. A 2008 photograph began our obsession with skiing Iron's almost-perfectly inaccessible north face, sending... more

  Adventure (E), Andy Lewicky (USA) 29 min
“In the Shadow of the Mountain”
  Climbing on rock and ice (E), Hugh Barnard, Max Segal (USA) 25 min