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Thursday, 10. Nov. 2011

16:00 - Stefaniensaal
19:30 - Stefaniensaal


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“Le Nid (the Nest)”

Once upon a time in Saint Hilaire du Touvet, a village perched as an eagle's nest high on a cliff at the heart of the massif of Chartreuse. Once upon a time, there was a group of kids who clung to their childhood's dreams as they got older. In a... more

  Adventure (F/D), Antoine Boisselier, Christophe Tong-Viet, Nicolas Assael (Frankreich) 52 min
“Linea Continua”

Four generations of mountain guides on Matterhorn – that’s the Barmasse family! In March 2010 father Marco (61) and son Hervé (32) start from the Italian side to climb the Enjambée Couloir, which plunges for 1200 meters towards the base of the... more

  Alpine Documentation (F/D), Hervé Barmasse, Giacomo Berthet, Damiano Levati (Italien) 17 min
“Play Gravity II – the other side”

Inspired, touched and fueled by the loss of a beloved friend make young prodigies talk about their feelings, fears and beliefs. With impressive images and athletic state of the art action we take on a journey that leads us from Switzerland over... more

  Adventure (D), Lorenz Roten (Schweiz) 56 min
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“Festivaleröffnung/opening ceremony 2011”
“Zwei Brüder Zwölf Seillängen - die Villnösser Rotwand”

The two brothers Martin and Florian Riegler from South Tyrol set off to conquer a 26 year-old techno route. They want to be the first to free climb the 12 pitches across the 300 m high, overhanging Villnösser Red Face. Difficulties of the 10th... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (D), Eduardo Gellner 31 min
“Climbing Elements”

In „Climbing Elements“, the Austrian exceptional climber Kilian Fischhuber meets probably his biggest challenges of his career. Vertical climbs in the South African Rocklands, on the cold and clean granite of the Zillertal, and in the endless... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (D), Florian Klingler 52 min
“K2 Nordpfeiler 1983” (außer Konkurrenz)

“The K2 had become our dream mountain”, says Kurt Diemberger, the only living man who achieved two first ascents on two eight thousand meter peaks, the Broad Peak and the Dhaulagiri. In the year 1983, he set off, together with his companion Julie... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Kurt Diemberger 8 min
“K2 – Traum und Schicksal” (außer Konkurrenz)

In 1986, Kurt Diemberger and his companion Julie Tullis came back to the K2, after two failed expeditions, in order to finally stand on the summit of “their“ mountain of all mountains. Their dream comes true. They reach the summit of K2. However,... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Kurt Diemberger 60 min