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John Innerdale
John Innerdale is an architect, mountaineer, landscape painter and bee keeper based in the English Lake District. A lifetime of walking, climbing and painting in the UK, Alps, Norway, Pyrenees, Himalaya and Patagonia has helped him to understand and interpret mountain architecture. He has been Curator of the National Mountaineering Exhibition from 2001-2007 and Artistic Director of Kendal Mountain Film Festival from 2004-2009. He has been jury member at Kendal Mountain Film Festival and is going to be part of the jury in Kathmandu Film Festival this year.

Jan Kerckhoff
Jan Kerckhoff was born in 1967 in Köln, and he studied economic and social sciences in Nuremberg. In 1994, he was a volunteer at the German tv broadcasting company Bayrische Rundfunk, where his interest for making films was initiated. Since then, he has been working there as an editor for economic issues at the Bayrischer Rundfunk and as the director of the scientific series “Nano”. His numerous film works also include ethnological and sport science topics. His film „Faszination Todeszone – Forschung auf 8000 Meter Höhe“ (Fascination Dead Zone, research at an altitude of 8.000 m) was the opening film of the International Mountain & Adventure Film Festival Graz 2004.

Dietmar Löffler
Dietmar Löffler was born in 1957 in Innsbruck and he accomplished a double apprenticeship in order to become a certified photographer and photo tradesman. He started his film career as a production assistant at the Degn film company in Salzburg in 1987. Since 1989, he has been working as a camera man for the ORF Tyrol. He also has been working as a film director, such as for the films „Gipfelkreuze - stumme Zeugen von Schicksal, Mühsal und Glück“ (Summit Cross – a silent witness of destiny, pain and luck), „Begegnung mit der Stille - auf Schiern durch die Namib“ (Encounter With The Silence – on skis across the Namib) and „Wilder Hund mit großem Herzen - Das abenteuerliche Leben von Wolfgang Nairz" (Daredevil With A Big Heart – the adventurous life of Wolfgang Nairz).

Marion Poitevin
Marion Poitevin, born in 1985, works as a mountain guide in Chamonix and she already has been travelling a lot in the world. As a student she spent one year in Boulder (Colorado, USA) and in the German city Ludwigsburg. Her expeditions led her to Pakistan, to the 7150 m high Mukut East in India, and to the north of Canada. This year, she climbed the Mount Vinson, with its 4850 m the highest mountain in the Antarctic, on a new route. Then she travelled to the other side of the planet, where she took part on a ski expedition on Baffin Island, in the Canadian Arctic. On all expeditions she has been responsible for the film documentation under extreme conditions.

Kurt Mayer
Kurt Mayer was born in 1951 in Vienna, as a descendant of one of the oldest Austrian film families. He is a co-designer of theatre and performance projects, as well as a producer and director of documentaries, tv documentaries, scientific economic films and short films. With his film “Aufwachen” (Wake-up) he has documented the origin of the ecological movement in Austria and the fight against the power plant project of Hainburg. Then he created several productions for the German broadcasting company and the Austrian ORF. With his extraordinary cinematographic portrait, made in 2005, “Erik(A) - der Mann der Weltmeisterin wurde“, Kurt Mayer has depicted a fascinating capital of the Austrian sport history. Kurt Mayer is chairman of the Austrian Directors Association and he has won numerous awards for his films.