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Nature and Environment
„Kieling: Expeditionen zu den Letzten ihrer Art - Auf der Suche nach Jaguar und Bison“

Andreas Kieling (Deutschland) - 42 min

Saturday, 12. Nov. 2011 from 15:00 Kammermusiksaal       

Once again, Andreas Kieling travels to the most remote areas on our planet, in order to meet especially interesting, however endangered animal species. In Pantanal, the expanded wetlands in the west of Brazil, he witnesses a spectacular attack of a jaguar against a local fisher man. In the confluence of the Amazon and the Rio Negro, Kieling can finally fulfil his dream of diving together with the river dolphins. In Namibia he reaches dry regions, when he follows the desert elephants for several weeks, the largest rural mammals on earth. The steppe bison, on its turn, is the heaviest rural mammal in America. It is said that in former times, approximately 40 to 50 million of these animals were living in the big prairies. After the destructive campaign of white settlers, only 800 animals were left, in the Yellowstone Nationalpark.