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Climbing on rock and ice
„What happened on Pam Island“

Eliza Kubarska (Polen) - 30 min

Friday, 11. Nov. 2011 from 20:30 Kammermusiksaal       

An extraordinary romance: Polish alpinists Eliza Kubarska and David Kaszlikowski, take a lonely journey to the fjords of southern Greenland to reach the world's highest sea cliff. The vertical wall is reachable only by Kayak across an eerie, storm-ridden sea. The water around is freezing dips to 0 °C - capsizing in this area mean hypothermia and death within minutes. After conquering the water, they are alone on 1,500 meters of vertical cliff-face - and all for a kiss. Trust, passion and strange, original love in one of the most beautiful landscapes you have ever seen.