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„No Ceiling - The BASEclimb 3“

No Ceiling - The BASEclimb 3

Glenn Singleman (Australien) - 56 min

Friday, 11. Nov. 2011 from 15:30 Kammermusiksaal       

Heather Swan was a divorced working mother with no experience in adventure before she married Dr. Glenn Singleman. Glenn is an Emergency Physician and a professional adventurer. He holds the world record for the highest BASEjump set from the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan in 1991 (19,538 feet high). Glenn believes that anyone who can overcome their fears and follow a sensible training program could do what he has done. But no one took him seriously until Heather decided to break his world record from a higher cliff in the Indian Himalaya. The film documents Heather's six year journey of physical, mental and emotional transformation as she broke the world record for one of the 'most extreme', extreme sports.