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„Der Traum vom Achttausender – Tamara Lunger im Himalaya“

Der Traum vom Achttausender – Tamara Lunger im Himalaya

Armin Widmann (Italien) - 48 min

Friday, 11. Nov. 2011 from 14:30 Steiermarksaal       

Tamara Lunger loves mountains more than anything else; soon she will be fulfilling her biggest dream. At the age of 23 she plans to climb her first eight thousand meter peak. Together with the famous Italian mountaineer Simone Moro she sets off to the Cho Oyu in Tibet. Moro believes that she is extraordinarily talented and is therefore a hopeful candidate of female extreme alpinism. When the team has acclimatized at the height of 6.200 meter on the Island Peak, the whole expedition has to be interrupted for political reasons. The Chinese authorities suddenly refuse the entry to Tibet. This film accompanies Tamara on her journey of first experiences in the Himalayas and shows the fine line between expectance, challenge, and disappointment in the world of high altitude alpinism.