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Climbing on rock and ice
„Entscheidung an der Torsäule – “Philadelphia” am Hochkönig““

Entscheidung an der Torsäule – “Philadelphia” am Hochkönig“

Eduardo Gellner 25 min

Friday, 11. Nov. 2011 from 19:30 Stefaniensaal       

Philadelphia, 8 A0, E6 – this is the evaluation by Albert Precht, after his technical first ascent together with Sigi Brachmayer in the year 1993. Since then, only very few roped parties dared to climb this intense, hardly to be belayed route on the Torsäulen south face of the Hochkönig. To this day there has been no free climb. In summer 2010, Rudolf Hauser and Georg Lehner enter the route, after a long period of intense preparation, without bolts, but with a few micro-cams for the key passages in a still unknown degree.