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Climbing on rock and ice
„Mensch und Fels im Ausnahmezustand – Herbert Ranggetiner“

Mensch und Fels im Ausnahmezustand – Herbert Ranggetiner

Gerald Salmina 42 min

Friday, 11. Nov. 2011 from 19:30 Stefaniensaal       

For Herbert Ranggetiner from the Pinzgau region, an extremely hard training and the support of family and friends are the necessary preconditions for climbing projects on the rock. In diverse climbing disciplines he counts among the best, but what he adores most is clean climbing, without any bolts, and often also without safety ropes. This film does not try to discuss the risk, but tries to make us understand why the father of two kids has no choice but to take the risks of a rope-free climb on the limit.