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Alpine Documentation
„K2 – Traum und Schicksal“ (beyond competition)

Kurt Diemberger 60 min

Thursday, 10. Nov. 2011 from 19:30 Stefaniensaal       

In 1986, Kurt Diemberger and his companion Julie Tullis came back to the K2, after two failed expeditions, in order to finally stand on the summit of “their“ mountain of all mountains. Their dream comes true. They reach the summit of K2. However, on the way down, Julie and four other mountaineers die. They were caught by a horrible storm which forced them to stay at an altitude of 8.000 m for several days, all because they had lost one important day during their ascent. Kurt Diemberger and Willi Bauer were the only ones who were able to survive this inferno on the second highest mountain on earth - merely with serious frost bites.

This film has won many prizes, such as the “Camera Alpin in Gold” at the International Mountain and Adventure Film Festival Graz in 1990. Also in his book with the same title, as well a prize-winning work, Kurt Diemberger tells the story of the adventurous life of this two-person-roped party and their dream mountain with its almost magic power of attraction, he reports the diverse attempts of climbing it, which sometimes seem like a Russian Roulette, and he tells about the great stroke of luck of reaching the summit. Kurt also reveals the reasons, why this situation which led to the biggest tragedy on one of the most beautiful mountains, was desperate.