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Alpine and foreign cultures
„Jon facing the winds“

Jon facing the winds

Corto Fajal (Frankreich) - 77 min

Wednesday, 09. Nov. 2011 from 22:00 Schubertkino-Saal 2       

With Jon, reindeer herder above the Arctic Circle, it's a particular nomadism we discover: traditional and modern life come together in
search of a balance. In the lush mountains of Sarek Scandinavians, with the rhythm of migration, we share the better, but also the worse, like this day when the ice of a lake break under thousands of reindeer drowning part of the herd. Jon


Nomination 2011

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2011

In Scandinavia, near the Arctic Circle, a few people are still living according to their ancestral traditions taking care of the reindeers and hunting elks. Today climate change threatens their life style and culture. The film is a striking true portrait without any concession to clich├ęs of life in the Arctic.