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Nature and Environment


Reinhard Radke (Deutschland) - 98 min

Wednesday, 09. Nov. 2011 from 15:00 Schubertkino-Saal 1       

1,3 million gnus, 400,000 Thomson gazelles, 200,000 zebras, this is the biggest gathering of ungulates worldwide. In close vicinity, there are always the cats of prey, but the lions and the cheetahs cannot be any danger for the masses of hunted animals. On the contrary, most of the time the hunters miss out and have to struggle for their own survival and for the survival of their offspring. Only the dry season brings hardship for the grazers, and therefore, every year, one of the biggest animal migrations on earth take place. We accompany the huge herds on their way across the Serengeti, where many dangers await them.


Nomination 2011

Lobende Erwähnung 2011

The big five in big cinematic pictures, an exceptionally beautiful portrait of this landscape. The filmmakers succeed in capturing dramatic moments on the river bank. Powerful images of predation combined with rich and vivid colours.