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Nature and Environment
„Kieling: Expeditionen zu den Letzten ihrer Art - Überleben im Gehege“

Andreas Kieling (Deutschland) - 42 min

Saturday, 12. Nov. 2011 from 09:30 Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

Andreas Kieling travels to the most remote areas on our planet, in order to meet especially interesting, however endangered animal species. In western China, in a giant mountain range, the animal film maker is searching for the great panda, the legendary giant panda. In the deep Siberian winter, Kieling rambles through endless taiga forests, to find the last exemplars of the Siberian Tiger, the biggest wildcat on earth. And even on the other side of the world he encounters a superlative animal: the most powerful snake in the largest rain forest, the giant anaconda in the Amazon basin.