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Details Thursday, 11. Nov. 2010

19:30 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
“Festivaleröffnung/opening ceremony 2010”
“Lines of Flight”

“Lines of Flight” is a short film that gets to the heart of what climbing is all about. The film explores the unusual, captivating and even disturbing sensations of free soloing. It leads us on a journey around the northern English Pennines in the... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (E/D), Sal Brown, Martin Wood (Gro) 22 min
“Home Swiss Home”

There’s no place like home! Swiss skier Dominique Perret did not travel far to find beautiful freeriding. Based in Verbier and Zinal, he and his team made the most of an ideal winter to ski Valais’ famous 4000’s, those uncompromising peaks,... more

  Adventure (n.v.), Dominique Perret (Schweiz) 13 min
“Swiss Border Stories”

In June 2010, American author and adventurer John Harlin set out on a three-month journey to follow the entire Swiss border under his own power, a 2,000km odyssey with more than 170,000m of climbing—but tragedy struck early. Barely a week in, he... more

  Adventure (E), John Harlin (USA) 45 min
“Dolma du Bout du Monde (Dolma am Ende der Welt)”

Dolma and her family live on the banks of the river Zanskar in the Himalayas. 180 kilometres away, her husband Stanzin leads the caravans along dangerous routes and dreams of becoming a singer. The family’s destiny is linked to the river which in... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (F/D), Véronique, Anne & Erik Lapied (Frankreich) 65 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2010)