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Details Tuesday, 09. Nov. 2010

17:00 | Dom im Berg Ticket Order
“8848 Höhenmeter – 7 Gipfel in 24 Stunden”

8848 metres – this corresponds to the absolute height of Mount Everest. Alex Rauter takes the challenge to climb this altitude-difference within one single day. In default of such a high mountain, the Vorarlberg athlete decides to climb 7 summits... more

  Adventure (D), Robert Eder 46 min
“Immer Höher, immer Weiter”

On the 21st of Mai 2009, Reini Sampl climbed the highest summit of northern Tyrol, the Wildspitze (3768 m). This is a particular achievement, because since a skiing accident in 1996, Reini is in a wheelchair. However, terms like “self-pity” or... more

  Adventure (D), Patrick Huter, Sebastian Blasy 38 min
“Expedition Erde”

We cannot see it, smell it or taste it; nevertheless, all life on earth would be condemned to perish without it: the atmosphere. The former German astronaut Thomas Reiter invites us to a journey around the globe, to show us the composition of the... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Annabel Gillings, Ruth Omphalius (Deutschland) 43 min