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Program Saturday, 13. Nov. 2010

08:30 - Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal
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08:30 - Congress Graz - Blauer Salon

Details Saturday, 13. Nov. 2010

08:30 | Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal
08:30 “Les Amants des Drus”

The Dru is a mountain with two peaks in the Mont Blanc range. Its 1,100 m West Face has always challenged the best climbers coming to Chamonix. In the winter of 2004, three climbers of the latest generation, Guillaume Avrisiani, Philippe Batoux... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (F), Bertrand Delapierre (Frankreich) 52 min
09:25 “No limits mobil”

Certainly they don’t experience the mountain world peacefully and silently, but in a more intensive way. The youth group of the German Alpine Club is hiking for a week in the mountains of the Allgäu region, within the framework of “No limits... more

  Adventure (D), Fridolin Baur (Deutschland) 12 min
09:40 “Tod am Nanga Parbat”

June 1970: in a unique achievement, four participants of a German expedition conquer the 8125 m high Nanga Parbat via a route, which up until then was considered as impossible – across the most powerful rock and ice wall in the world, the 4.500m... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Ludwig Ott (Deutschland) 44 min
10:25 “Willis VIPs - Wer stand auf dem Dach der Welt? Reinhold Messner”

He is the most famous mountaineer in the world, has set many records, most of them are hardly believable. He was the first person to succeed in the ascent of all fourteen 8000m summits, the highest mountains on earth, and he was also the first... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Christiane Streckfuß (Deutschland) 25 min
10:55 “Wilde Pyrenäen – Berge des Lichts”

Along a distance of 400 km steep mountains, lush forests, waterfalls and mountain lakes extend in the pristine Pyrenean landscape between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The sun and the clouds play with the light of the mountains,... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Jürgen Eichinger (Deutschland) 44 min
11:40 “Caminho Texeira”

In April 1912, five young Brazilian men decide to climb Dedo de Deus (“Finger of God”), a mountain north of Rio de Janeiro. The pioneers barely knew what mountaineering means, but that does not stop them to carry the Brazilian flag to the top of... more

  Alpine Documentation (Port/E), Alexandre Diniz (Brasilien) 14 min
12:00 “The Treasure of the Great Snow”

In the spring of 2009, Basque mountaineer Ms. Edurne Pasaban and a film team from Spanish television are heading towards Kangchenjunga, the third highest peak on earth. In Kangchen Base Camp Edurne meets Ms. Oh Eun-Sun from South Korea, who could... more

  Alpine Documentation (Sp/E), Carmen Portilla (Spanien) 56 min
13:10 “The Sends”

For two years director Shawn Boye went on an Odyssey through a land covered in Granite. The adventure begins deep in the Forest of the Steepest Boulders where Peter Bosma encounters the Viking Stefan Rasmussen. Narrowly escaping a Duel to the... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (E), Shawn Boye (Schweden) 71 min
14:25 “The Moose”

Top Canadian whitewater canoeists Paul Mason, Mark Scriver and Andrew Westwood rip it up on the Moose and Independence rivers in New York state, running a series of beautiful and challenging grade 5 waterfalls and slides. You have to be bold to... more

  Adventure (E), Justine Curgenven (Gro) 24 min
14:50 “Wildes Japan (Teil 2): Tropenstrand und Bärenland”

Japan is mega cities like Tokyo on the one hand-side, and remote mountain valleys with seemingly strange traditions on the other. The most southern of the four main Japanese islands, Kyushu, displays an already sub-tropical character. In the... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Thoralf Grospitz, Jens Westphalen (Deutschland) 44 min
15:35 “Dem Traum auf der Spur”

„Lama-Joe“ Thöni and Hans Geissler set off on their journey from Munich to Venice. On their march from the Marienplatz to Piazza San Marco they are accompanied by four lamas. Ahead of this extraordinary hiking group are 520 km and 20.000 altitude... more

  Adventure (D), Melanie Anweiler (Deutschland) 53 min
16:30 “Mount St. Helens”

Thirty years ago, on the 18th of May 1980, the volcano Mount St. Helens erupted on the west coast of the USA. It was an eruption of unbelievable dimensions. Within a few minutes, the mountain lost 400 metres of its summit, and masses of debris and... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Jörg Daniel Hissen, Heinz Leger 52 min
17:25 “Eine ungewöhnliche Seilschaft”

In former times, Nigg loved to go into the mountains. After he received his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis it took him several years to accept his illness. Roland has been jailed for dealing with drugs. René has been working for 22 years in the... more

  Adventure (D), Sylvia Rothe (Deutschland) 40 min
18:10 “Im Bann des Yukon (Teil 2): Von Dawson nach Fairbanks”

In the second part of this complex documentary about the „Yukon Quest“, the sleigh dog race which leads 1600km from the Canadian Whitehorse to Fairbanks in Alaska, we approach the dramatic final on the slopes of the “Eagle Summit”. Who will win... more

  Adventure (D), Klaus Scherer (Deutschland) 45 min
09:00 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
“Auf zum Polarkreis”

At last a different kind of animal film. Usually what happens behind the camera is rarely shown. Musk ox attack remote-controlled cameras, skuas and crossed vipers assault camera men, tours on dog-drawn sledges in the bitter cold end up in... more

  Adventure (D), Jan Haft (Deutschland) 45 min
“Wölfe am Gran Paradiso”

In the animal world of the Gran Paradiso, one has not seen wolves for more than one hundred years. This ancestor of our dogs had been wiped out in large parts of Europe. However, in Italy, the wolf managed to survive thanks to the remote ridges of... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Andrea Rüthlein (Deutschland) 44 min
“Im Bann der Berge”

The tough laws of nature rule the mountains of Tyrol, in this steep world one can find the richest diversity in the smallest space. For thousands of years, man has been living in those mountains. As far as we know, it was particularly one thing... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Otmar Penker 65 min
09:30 | Steiermarksaal Ticket Order
“Cape Horn”

In the year 2009 three windsurfers and a camera crew started out to sail around the infamous Cape Horn. They wanted to capture the myth of the cape and get a better understanding of the “old day” sailors and buccaneers, who surrounded the most... more

  Adventure (D), Thomas Miklautsch 48 min
“Patagonia Promise”

Climbing is Stanley Leary’s life. Together with his love Roberta he went on several trips to the highest walls around the world. As Roberta dies in a car crash, Stanley’s world turns dark. To grant her dying wish, Stanley and two friends venture... more

  Adventure (E), Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen (USA) 24 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2010)
“Rotwand – 100 Jahre Klettern in den Dolomiten”

The „Rotwand/Roda di Vael“ in the Rosengarten Group of the Dolomites. Around 100 years ago, this face was deemed unscalable. Great names of Alpine history attempted it. With original footage from the 1960ies, with re-enacted scenes and complicated... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Markus Frings (Italien) 27 min
“Point of no Return”

Elite alpine climbers Jonny Copp and Micah Dash travel to a little-explored and treacherous mountain range in the Chinese province of Sichuan. They plan to make a first ascent of a face of Mt. Edgar (6400 m). When tragedy strikes, the dark and... more

  Alpine Documentation (E), Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen (USA) 24 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2010)
14:00 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
“Skiwahnsinn in den Alpen”

Icy, hard slopes covered with artificial snow and reckless racers – the number of severe ski accidents is increasing. Doctors specializing in accident medicine report: on certain days, the situation in the accident and emergency centres is... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Mike Lingenfelser (Deutschland) 30 min
“Bergauf-Bergab: Von Lawine verschüttet! Bergdrama um BR-Team”

During the shooting in Engadin, the team of the German TV-series „Bergauf-Bergab“ were caught by an avalanche. Six months later, their shots have been used for the film documentation of this avalanche accident. For the film team this was also a... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Michael Düchs (Deutschland) 29 min
“Faszination Bergkristall - Schätze der Alpen”

Rock crystals have fascinated mankind for centuries. We accompany three crystal seekers on their adventurous and risky treasure quest in the Alps. The Swiss Dosi Venzin has been wandering in the solitude of the mountains for 40 years, and he is... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Jochen Schmoll, Claus Hanischdörfer (Deutschland) 45 min
“Das Kornfeld – Dschungel für einen Sommer”

Is a cornfield only a place for producing food? Or is it a living space full of mysteries? Does it have something in common with true nature at all? With spectacular pictures this film takes the public to living spaces right outside of our doors... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Jan Haft (Deutschland) 44 min
“Giganten im Mittelmeer - Pottwalen auf der Spur”

They are the biggest predators on earth. Pot whales were already a myth in the antique times, and they still are today. For a long time, scientists thought that pot whales in the Mediterranean Sea were animals which had lost their way, because... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Heiko De Groot (Deutschland) 44 min
14:30 | Steiermarksaal Ticket Order
“Made in Austria”

„Made in Austria“ is the first Austrian free-ski film with regional background since the legendary „Weißer Rausch“ with free-ride stars from Austria, such as Matthias Haunholder, who was the first Austrian to win a tour stop of the Free-ride World... more

  Adventure (D), Martin Sochor 12 min
“Welsh Connections”

A cocktail of diverse climbing; from hard trad onsights and first ascents, to intense limestone sport, slate, bouldering and deep water soloing. Climbers include Pete Robins, James McHaffie, Tim Emmett, Nick Bullock plus the impressive return to... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (E), Dave Brown (Gro) 54 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2010)
“Mustang - Journey of Transformation”

Lost in time, the Himalayan Kingdom of Mustang is one of the last sanctuaries of authentic Tibetan Buddhist culture. But, long isolated by geography and politics, the people struggle to survive and the center of their culture, the fifteenth... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (E), Will Parrinello (USA) 28 min
“Die Welt der Vulkane”

Volcanoes cause overwhelming amazement but of course they also scare us. Time and time again, volcano eruptions have ended in disasters, memories burnt into the collective memory of mankind. This film journey leads us to Hawaii, to the Kilauea,... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Goggo Gensch (Deutschland) 44 min
19:00 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
Presentation of Awards
08:30 | Congress Graz - Blauer Salon
08:30 “Duell am Amazonas - Bei den Kalapalo-Indianernd”

Following an invitation by the Brazilian Kalapalo Amazonas Indians, the filmmaker Roland Garve participated in their yearly Yawari festivity. He had already been there once, and had participated in the quite dangerous wrestling matches. At that... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Andreas K. Richter, Roland Garve (Deutschland) 45 min
09:20 “Mission Gombessa”

„Mission Gombessa“ documents the successful end of a research project which lasted for 21 years and is rightly considered as one of the greatest scientific adventures of the 20th century – the chase for coelacanths. For the German Hans Fricke it... more

  Adventure (D), Jan Haft (Deutschland) 45 min
10:10 “Tiere vor der Kamera: Kleine liebenswerte Alaskaner”

In Alaska, all animals are big ones: the bears, the elks, the wolves. No wonder nobody takes notice of the little ones. Ernst Arendt and Hans Schweiger meet the little, charming Alaskan pika with their cameras. In summer, they collect hay and... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Ernst Arendt und Hans Schweiger (Deutschland) 44 min
10:55 “Red Bull X-Alps 2009”

Thirty athletes from 23 different nations race through the Alps from Salzburg, Austria, to Monaco on the Mediterranean coast. Travelling by foot or flying with a paraglider alone, they have to fight their way through some of the world's most... more

  Adventure (D), Mario Kreuzer 55 min
11:55 “Karelien - Wo Russland finnisch ist”

Sergei is growing up in the tiny village Venehjärvi in Russian Karelia, the village itself only consisting of seven souls. Karelia is deemed to be the cradle of the Finnish culture, and still today, the Karelia people live in the middle of... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Petteri Saario, Juha Taskinen (Deutschland) 44 min
12:45 “La Vallée Oubliée des Hommes (Das vergessene Tal)”

At first sight, the forgotten valley in the French Alps seems like a paradise. However, every animal there has to live a daily struggle for survival. In this film we can watch how the destiny of an injured chamois buck is connected with the... more

  Nature and Environment (F), Anne & Erik Lapied (Frankreich) 67 min
13:55 “Die neuen Nomaden von Kirgisistan”

The Kirghiz Bachit lives on traditional pasture management. The pastures around the villages are all cropped after the winter, and the animals have to be led to a new land. Therefore, every year in May, Bachit drives together his herds of cows,... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Wolfgang Mertin (Deutschland) 52 min
14:45 “11 Degrees”

The film is about the struggle of a Scottish ski resort to adapt to the consequences of the climate change and the decrease in skiers. It portrays the changing landscape and challenges which the small communities are facing, but also looks at the... more

  Nature and Environment (E), Anna Ewert (Gro) 8 min
15:00 “Wüstenglück - Der Lauf durch die Sahara”

The „Marathon des Sables“ across the Moroccan Sahara is the hardest ultra-running competition in the world: 250km in six stages across deep desert sands and hard pebbles, with temperatures up to 50° C in the shade. In addition, the participants... more

  Adventure (D), Gerhard Schick (Deutschland) 52 min
15:55 “Der Gletscherschmied”

The glacier is dying. A death throe lasting millennia which wipes away an entire world drop by drop, and leaves a new one in its place. Waterfalls and caves are created and provide our most essential resource: water. But they are also a source of... more

  Nature and Environment (I/D), Alberto Meroni (Schweiz) 40 min
16:40 “Returning to Bharatpur”

There is a place in India, where man and nature created a unique treasure. The former hunting ground of the maharaja of Bharatpur has become a birds’ paradise in a mere 100 years. However, it has turned out recently that this treasure is more... more

  Nature and Environment (Hu/E), Szabolcs Mosonyi (Ungarn) 36 min
17:20 “Timbuktus verschollenes Erbe”

„Timbuktu“ – this term stands for the myth of the „end of the world“, for a mystic place full of opulence in the middle of the desert, inaccessible for Europeans. Timbuktu was not only a rich trading centre for Tuareg caravans, who brought salt,... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Lutz Gregor (Deutschland) 43 min
18:05 “Abenteuer im Mittelmeer - Auf der Spur der Mönchsrobben”

The Mediterranean Monk Seal is the most endangered mammal of Europe: Less than 500 individuals are remaining in parts of the Mediterranean Sea. Scientists don’t know much about the habits of these rare pinnipeds who nowadays use inaccessible sea... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Thomas Behrend, Christina Karliczek (Deutschland) 44 min
18:50 “Rush Hour Dream”

On his way to work a manager falls asleep in the tramway of Dusseldorf, Germany. In his dream he wakes up in a beautiful mountain scenery and discovers that he is carrying a paraglider in his laptop bag. Instead of going to the office, he flies... more

  Adventure (n.v.), Kerim Jaspersen (Deutschland) 5 min