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Brian Hall
Brian is a British mountain guide with lots of experience in the fields of mountaineering and filming. He has climbed Everest in winter, K2, Makalu and reached the summits of Jannu, Nuptse, Baltoro Kangri and Ogre 2. Brian is also a well-travelled rock climber and an expert skier. His main focus in recent years is his company “Film and Mountain Ltd.”, which provides safety, rigging and location advice on film and photography projects involving climbing, mountaineering, skiing, adventure sports and remote expeditions in extreme and high environments. Brian’s credits are very extensive and include organizing all of the mountain filming on the BAFTA award winning film "Touching the Void" and it's sequel the Emmy award winning "Beckoning Silence" and IMAX in the Antarctic, but also the James Bond "Die another Day" and "Alien vs Predator". Between 1999 and 2008 Brian co-directed the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, the major mountain festival in the UK.

Martin Grabner
Martin Grabner was born in 1967 in Graz, and for a long time he has been a passionate mountaineer and hiker. Already in his youth, the books by Herbert Tichy, Hermann Buhl and Reinhold Messner fascinated him and wakened his desire for more, in particular for the mountains of the Himalayas. After having worked for 13 years as a technical editor of the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard”, he didn’t want to sit at his desk anymore and he simply had to see the highest summits on earth himself. Close to the Annapurna and to Mount Everest, he experienced the thin air of a 6.000m summit. In order to combine his hobby with his profession Grabner, who now lives in Vienna, changed jobs to become editor to the Austrian outdoor magazine “Land der Berge”, where he has been writing stories about mountains and their protagonists as well as taking pictures for several years now. Additionally he is also working as a free collaborator for the newspaper “Der Standard”.

John Harlin
John Harlin III spent his childhood in Germany and Switzerland. His father was an experienced mountaineer who tragically died climbing the north face of the Eiger in 1966. John’s family moved to the U.S. Following his graduation from the University of California with a degree in Environmental Biology, he explored mountain ranges throughout North and South America. During that time he wrote a three-volume 1,200-page series of guidebooks “The Climber’s Guide to North America”. He also worked as a climbing guide in Colorado and launched a backcountry guiding business, Ski-Mountaineering Unlimited. In 1987 he took on the first of several editorial positions at Backpacker magazine and later became a guest host on their PBS program, Anyplace Wild. He edited several mountain magazines, chaired the American Alpine Club’s mountain literature award and served as a judge at the Telluride and Banff Mountain film festivals. Forty years after his father fell 1,000 meters down the Eiger, John finally climbed its north face himself. MacGillivray-Freeman Films made an IMAX movie, “The Alps”, of the ascent. John’s book “The Eiger Obsession: Facing the Mountain that Killed My Father” was published in 2007. Currently he is the editor of the American Alpine Journal, a contributing editor to Backpacker magazine and he follows his personal project “Swiss Border Stories” circumnavigating Switzerland by his own muscle power.