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„Dem Traum auf der Spur“

Melanie Anweiler (Deutschland) - 53 min

Saturday, 13. Nov. 2010 from 08:30 Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal       

„Lama-Joe“ Thöni and Hans Geissler set off on their journey from Munich to Venice. On their march from the Marienplatz to Piazza San Marco they are accompanied by four lamas. Ahead of this extraordinary hiking group are 520 km and 20.000 altitude metres. Their route is known as the “dream path” across the Alps. However, whether this track is also convenient for those quadrupeds will only turn out during their journey. Unexpected incidents like the fall of a lama endanger their enterprise. A camera team accompanies them along several stages of this exceptional journey. Whenever the camera team was not with them, the six mountain friends let us participate in their adventures with a kind of video diary.