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„Wildes Japan (Teil 2): Tropenstrand und Bärenland“

Wildes Japan (Teil 2): Tropenstrand und Bärenland

Thoralf Grospitz, Jens Westphalen (Deutschland) - 44 min

Saturday, 13. Nov. 2010 from 08:30 Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal       

Japan is mega cities like Tokyo on the one hand-side, and remote mountain valleys with seemingly strange traditions on the other. The most southern of the four main Japanese islands, Kyushu, displays an already sub-tropical character. In the shadow of the Sakurajima, one of the most active volcanoes in Japan, there lives a particular group of macaques. They became famous when scientists found out that these animals washed potatoes in the sea water and taught this tradition to their offspring. In a distance of more than 3.000 km in the north, on the island Hokkaido, little young bears learn for their lives. An impressive journey from the mangrove swamplands on Okinawa to the golden maple forests on Hokkaido!