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„Tod am Nanga Parbat“

Tod am Nanga Parbat

Ludwig Ott (Deutschland) - 44 min

Saturday, 13. Nov. 2010 from 08:30 Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal       

June 1970: in a unique achievement, four participants of a German expedition conquer the 8125 m high Nanga Parbat via a route, which up until then was considered as impossible – across the most powerful rock and ice wall in the world, the 4.500m high Rupal face. In the middle of the night, and without informing the others, Reinhold Messner takes his chance for the summit attack. On his solo climb he is followed by his younger brother Günther, who is barely equipped for such an adventure. On the descent, Günther falls to his death, whereas Reinhold reaches the Diamir valley ill and with bad frostbites on his feet. This expedition - which was very much discussed in the public - is documented with the help of original film and photo material, which was shot during the extreme situation of the ascent at an altitude of more than 8.000m. It also consists of statements of ancient expedition members who partly speak for the first time in front of the camera.