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Alpine and foreign cultures
„Timbuktus verschollenes Erbe“

Timbuktus verschollenes Erbe

Lutz Gregor (Deutschland) - 43 min

Saturday, 13. Nov. 2010 from 08:30 Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

„Timbuktu“ – this term stands for the myth of the „end of the world“, for a mystic place full of opulence in the middle of the desert, inaccessible for Europeans. Timbuktu was not only a rich trading centre for Tuareg caravans, who brought salt, gold and slaves from the south to Egypt and Morocco. It has as well been the capital of the Islamic spiritual world in West-Africa in the 15th and 16th century. Even today hundreds of thousands of manuscripts of that time still exist - hidden, buried or forgotten and still waiting for discovery. Those are the lost libraries of the Islamic world knowledge. The manuscripts have to be found, collected and rescued soon, before they perish forever. It is a struggle against time, because Timbuktu is in danger of being devoured by the sands of the desert.