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Nature and Environment
„Waller – Monster im Badesee?““

Waller – Monster im Badesee?“

Florian Guthknecht (Deutschland) - 45 min

Friday, 12. Nov. 2010 from 13:00 Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

Near Bremen, swans have disappeared from the surface of water. On the Lake Starnberg, a desperate fisherman struggled for ten hours in his boat which was pulled to and fro by a fish. In the Vitava, a fish stomach with parts of a human body in it, was found. The sheatfish or catfish is the biggest fresh-water fish in Europe. He is a curse, a legendary figure, delicious meal and a monster. Two men, namely the most famous specialist of sheatfish in Europe, Olivier Portrat, and the underwater cameraman Sigi Braun – try to unravel the mystery of the “mythic sheatfish” and invite us on an exciting journey on rivers and lakes.