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Alpine Documentation
„Kunst im Eis“

Michael Erhard (Deutschland) - 48 min

Friday, 12. Nov. 2010 from 13:00 Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

The longing for the mountains as a constant desire, and the endless space make him go up his way again, as every year. However, Konrad Henker is not a classical mountain hiker who loves to visit alpine huts. Whenever he goes into the world of naturally formed granite, he lives there alone, in the middle of snow and stone. He builds an igloo, his home for the next months. He draws the mountains which fascinate him, and so he lives “in his picture”, as he says. “Kunst im Eis” shows the extraordinary life of an artist, who only feels completely free in the endless calm of the high alpine mountain world, which enables him to create particularly intensive pictures. The breathtaking shots of the mountains complete the special flair of this documentary.