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Fridolin Baur (Deutschland) - 10 min

Thursday, 11. Nov. 2010 from 14:00 Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

Everyone who has ever seen the rising moon above a mountain, still shimmering in the light of the evening, knows what a unique and beautiful experience this is. However, only very few know how difficult it is to plan a good shot of the moon. Every night it appears on the horizon half an hour later, and the position, where it appears is constantly changing. Therefore, the mountain photographer Dieter Elsner has to plan carefully where and when he will take his picture. Today, the Sulzspitze in the Tannheimer valley could be ideal for taking pictures of the Ifen with the setting full moon. Dieter and his wife Claudia will bivouac on the wintry summit in order not to miss the right moment.