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Nature and Environment
„Die Welt der Vulkane“

Die Welt der Vulkane

Goggo Gensch (Deutschland) - 44 min

Saturday, 13. Nov. 2010 from 14:30 Steiermarksaal       

Volcanoes cause overwhelming amazement but of course they also scare us. Time and time again, volcano eruptions have ended in disasters, memories burnt into the collective memory of mankind. This film journey leads us to Hawaii, to the Kilauea, whose stream of lava is flowing without interruption since 1983. Another goal is Pompeii, on the foot of the Vesuvius, and the Aeolian Islands with the eponym of all volcanoes, “Vulcano”, and the Stromboli, the Russian peninsula Kamchatka, an Eldorado for volcano scientists. Numerous geysers, sulphur lakes and 168 volcanoes mark the visible frame of phenomena which geologists call the core of the “Pacific Ring of Fire”.