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„Made in Austria“

Made in Austria

Martin Sochor 12 min

Saturday, 13. Nov. 2010 from 14:30 Steiermarksaal       

„Made in Austria“ is the first Austrian free-ski film with regional background since the legendary „Weißer Rausch“ with free-ride stars from Austria, such as Matthias Haunholder, who was the first Austrian to win a tour stop of the Free-ride World Tour, and Sandra Lahnsteiner, who is one of the very few women with an establishment in this sport. Lothar Hofer can be seen in front of the camera with his Telemark style, and the speed-rider Andreas Kocher, skis down under his paraglider, using the elements snow and air. The film is shot in the style of the typical films with regional backgrounds of the late 1950ies; the climbing scenes with a hemp rope, dramatic poacher stories and a bull-headed waitress in a short dirndl dress give this film a self-ironical and humorous touch.