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„Space Tourists“

Space Tourists

Christian Frei (Schweiz) - 98 min

Friday, 12. Nov. 2010 from 20:30 Kammermusiksaal       

For 20,000 American dollars, the American Anousheh Ansari fulfilled an old dream of mankind, the wish to leave our planet as a “completely normal” person and explore the space. This film accompanies her on her journey through space and shows the everyday life at the International Space Station. The grand beauty of this travel is contrasted by the insane trip of Kazakh rocket salvagers, hunting for the sought after “beets”, rocket stages, which literally fall from the sky and are then picked up by men in huge trucks. With breathtakingly beautiful pictures, “Space Tourists” leads the spectators into a fascinating world full of surprises, to encounters with persons we would never have expected, to places which are stranger and more unknown than space.


Grand Prix Graz 2010

This film surprised us by taking us into new terrain and fresh perspectives in adventure. An unlikely mix of scrub-metal dealers, former Cold War Space Race and rich American rocket tourists.