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Alpine and foreign cultures
„Chadar, the Ice Trail“

Chadar, the Ice Trail

Jean-Michel Corillion (Frankreich) - 52 min

Friday, 12. Nov. 2010 from 19:30 Stefaniensaal       

Zanskar is a hidden high valley in the Indian Himalayas. Embedded between 7000m high summits, this area can only be reached in summer on foot trails across mountain passes. In winter, the valley would be cut off from the world, if the low temperatures didn’t create a new way. The porters struggle along 120km on the mostly frozen river, in order to bring the necessary goods into the valley. Often, the ice serves as a bridge; however, the dangers of the torrent river are permanently present.


Kamera Alpin in Gold 2010

We watched two beautiful films of the life in Zanskar and we had great difficulty choosing the winner of this category. „Dolma – Du Bout du Monde“ impressed us with the huge effort it took to film and depict the life of a family adapting to a changing Zanskar, but we chose Chadar – the Ice Trail“ because of its beautiful story and cinematography.